What Does God Have to Do with Me?

IMG_2534In order to understand more about living fully and bringing heaven to earth, it is very important to not only understand what God would want to say to me, but also how it is that I can relate to Him.

God is all about empowerment. When He speaks, He builds his people up (Deuteronomy 31:6). Sure, that doesn’t always look like warm-fuzzy fondness, but who would want a parent that wouldn’t tell them the truth about the world that they were heading into, when they were ready to hear it? Life can be rough sometimes, but we are called to overcome any and every evil that comes against us (Luke 10:19)!

The first awareness of that evil many times comes within oneself. When I realized I needed God, I knew I wasn’t the daughter, the friend, the world-changer I wanted to be. I wanted to do so many incredible things, but I saIMG_7790w that I kept failing. Even internally, I kept beating myself up and making myself feel stupid and small, which I knew I didn’t want to do. Why?

Because we have an enemy. Deep breath, doesn’t that explain a lot? It’s not all your fault. But, that enemy had the chance to get on the inside of us, which means we need some help to live the way we want, we were meant, to live.
And one day a long time ago, a man named Joshua lived and because he was part-God, he never did anything wrong — he lived life like a rockstar, perfectly. That meant that a lot of people got jealous and weren’t too happy with him. But he was so empowered and himself that he could do crazy, supernatural things, like accelerate the body’s natural healing process, and change really depressed and condemned people’s lives into fellow rockstars.

And then the crazy revelation, after he was actually killed for being too awesome, came that he actually lived his whole life not just to be amazing, but so that everyone could live their lives the same way. He did that because although he was killed he actually fought death in the unseen realm and came back alive, himself. And what would his awesome powers and perspectives and opportunities cost, $999 in four monthly payments? Nothing, absolutely nothing. IMG_7630

Take that good news and run with it! That’s what God wants you to do. Tell God you want to know Him, and He will reveal Himself to you just like this. New to the Christian message? Check out this 5 minute rap. And for more information, read the Gospel of John.

How do you live it out?

Feel free to share in the comments!

Declaration: I know God, and I love Him. I am alive to His message of love and freedom, and joyful live in relationship with Him each day!


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